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Tobacco use is the single greatest preventable cause of disease and death the world over. In India every minute more than 2 persons die because of tobacco use. This film uses multimedia on principles of behavior change, health education, edutainment, health promotion, structured discovery and social marketing in an effective and practical manner to prevent tobacco use especially among teenagers and to promote tobacco use cessation for those already using tobacco in any form on a mass scale.

Unless health is promoted and disease prevented only curative health services especially with scanty human resources particularly when it is medically oriented is proving catastrophic in the Indian context. The main components of health promotion and disease prevention in a country like India with its dual load malnutrition are: Balanced Diet, Regular Exercise, Hygiene and Sanitation and Prevention of substance abuse especially tobacco and alcohol. To this end,

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A vibrant India where all children, women and men have an opportunity to live healthy, informed and disease-free lives, thereby realizing their innate potential to the full.

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