Vivekananda Centre for Youth Counseling and Positive Thinking (VCYCPT)

Vivekananda Centre for Youth counseling and Positive Thinking (VCYCPT) was started at Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service Varanasi under 150th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Swami Vivekananda. It was inaugurated on 17th August 2013 with an inaugural workshop. The vital aspect of this Centre was to address the psychological needs of the youth their hopes and aspiration their anxieties and fears, their depression and agonies. VCYCPT has functioned through its City Centre in our campus at Varanasi and two Rural Centres at

(1) Trilochon Mahadev, Jaunpur and

(2) Bairawan, Gangapur, Varanasi.

Functioning of the Centres 

The functioning of the Centres was on the following lines:

• Student members were enrolled without charging any membership fee. A total of 75 members joined at the City Centre, 51 members at Trilochan Mahadev Rural Centre and 13 members at Gangapur Rural Centres.

• A token registration fee of Rs 100/- was charged one time from each member. A total of Rs 7500/- were collected from members at the City Centres, Rs: 5100/- from Rural Centre at Trilocham Mahadev and Rs: 1050/- from the Gangapur Rural Centre and have been deposited with the Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service vide Receipt No: ND 00262.

• A library has been opened at each of the Centres with good collection of books where the members could read and borrow books. A list of books given to the library for the Rural Centre at Trilochan Mahadev is furnished as Annexure -1. Similar books were, also given to the other Rural Centre.

• The members met once in a fortnight at the fixed dates. For the outreach centers it coincided with Sunday, while the libraries were opened on all week days.

• On meeting days there were prayers, readings from Swami Vivekananda’s books and group discussions.

• Periodically workshops were organized at all the three Centres which were conducted by swami (Dr.) Varishthananda and other eminent persons as furnished in Encl. I.

• A total of 11 workshops were organized at Varanasi city centre, 21 at Trilochan Mahadev Rural Centre and 11 at Bairwan,Gangapur Rural Centre.

• Individual Counseling was provided by Swami (Varishthananda), Mata Suvrata and Dr. Chandra Balasuramanium. Women Counselors were especially inducted.

• Outreach Counseling camps were mainly conducted by Swami (Dr.) Varishthananda in our Rural Centres.

• The Centres offered opportunities to the members to participate in the Youth Conventions held at (Narayanpur) Chhattisgarh, Lucknow, Belur Math and Hyderabad (a limited number only). They were also taken to Vrindavan - Mathura - Agra on an Educational tour.

• The functioning of the Centers was reviewed from time to time.

• While the Vivekananda Auditorium of the Sevashrama was made available for discussions, meeting and other activities of the city Centre, the Rural Centres hired Meeting-halls, audio-visual systems and furniture etc for organizing workshop & Counseling camps.

• The Valedictory function for VCYCPT was organized on 28th October 2014 along with SGVEP, wherein the Coordinator, Office Assistant and active members were honored , besides educative cultural programme which included a drama on Swami Ji’s life, music and Kathak dance performances.

Special Workshops:

At the city Centre a series of the workshops on following very useful topics were organized and were conducted by persons as mentioned below:

1. Self Awareness, A journey to the ultimate:

By Mata Suvrata Ji, formerly Professional Member of Indian Society for Applied Behavior Sciences (ISABS) and Human Resource Development (HRD) consultant.

2. Biodiversity and Birds Conservation: 

By Dr. Satish Pande, MB, MD, DNB, Ph.D (Ornithology) Fellow Maharastra Academy of Science; with Dr.Surchi Pande, M.A., Ph. D. (Ethno-Ornithology) and Sri Rajgopal Patil; ELA FOUNDATION, PUNE

3. Healthy Lifestyle: 

By Mrs. Hema Mehta, Ahmedabad, an expert on Health Promotion, Nutrition, Yoga & Pranayam, Relaxation Techniques, Home Remedies, Mantra -Chikitsa & other Alternative methods of Health Care.

4. Community Health: 

By Dr. Ravi Narayan and Mr. Bhagwan Singh Verma, Society for Community Health Research & Action (SOCHARA), Bangalore.

Impacts on the Participants:

By and large the participants have been benefited by the programme, although the extent may not be measurable.

• The change is seen in the behaviour and interactions of most participants, which is agreed upon by their guardians too.

• Sri Govind, one inspired participant from Bairwan, Gangapur has started a study circle in his village for the poor community children free of cost. He is also being helped by some of his friends in this endeavour.


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