Sustained Graded Value Education Programme (SGVEP)

Home of Service has taken up SGVEP in both of its types. While under SGVEP – Type A (Classroom based SGVEP) 25 units (15 in Hindi and 10 in English) are presently running in 18 school. While in Hindi, 4 units each of class VI, VII and VIII and 3 units of class V are running, in English medium there are 4 units each of class VI and VII and 2 units of class VIII with 35 to 50 students in each class. These classes started in Sept. – Oct. 2012 and most of the schools are ready to continue these beyond Oct. 2014. Besides the prescribed texts, students were also exposed to the life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda. Orientation programme for the teachers of these classes were also organized. Distribution of prizes gifts and certificates are to be done in a special function to be organized

Under SGVEP – Type B (Non- formal SGVEP), a total of 5 units (Bal Sangha -2, Kishor Sangha -1 and Yava Sangha -2) has been running in the campus of Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service, Varanasi. The classes are conducted on every Sunday, which started on 23rd Sept. 2012. The registered strength of students which was 83, 53 108 for Bal, Kishor and Yuva sangha respectively in the session 2012-2013 is now 62, 62, 60 respectively in the current session.

The classes for each unit are conducted for three and a half hour with composite programme as under

1. Prayer - 10 mts.

2. Meditation, Vedic Chanting (for Bal and Kishor), Music (Yuva)

3. Class on the selected books

4. Yogasan, Health Education

5. Service Activity (Bal & Kishor),Bhagwadgita, Ramcharit Manas, Atmonnnati Ke Sopan and other subject             topics mentioned in Modus Operand (Yuva)

6. Prayer - 10 mts.

7. Refreshment - 30 mts.


1. Classes on S.No 2 to 5 are conducted for 40mts each on one of the topics mentioned.

2. Audio-Visual session are conducted occasionally

3. Excursion to Sarnath and Banaras Hindu University were organized

4. Students above the age of 15 were taken in turn to attend Youth Convention at Narainpur, Lucknow and Belur Math.

A change in the conduct and behavior of students is visible although strength of students has reduced. The Orientation of the faculty was done jointly with Lucknow Sevashram.

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