Secretarial Assistance

We are looking for someone who can support the management by keeping a log of commitments, monitoring team performance and coordinating activities being carried out and activities to be carried out. Probable jobs might include keeping a note and record of decisions made during team meetings, tasks assigned, schedules decided upon, persons responsible for particular works, deadlines to be met etc for the projects that we undertake.


Probable skills required: Good organizational, record-keeping and people skills. Good oral and written communication skills. Proficiency in using Microsoft Office, specially, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.


Challenges: The usual challenges in making a record of and tracking multiple projects' requirements could be expected. Prioritizing the requirements to ensure that deadlines are met might require good amount of understanding of Mission work, which, we are sure, you would be able to gather once you are with us.


Duration of requirement: All round the year. But if you are unable to render your services for 12 months at a stretch, we would be happy to have you with us for as long as you can. However, the duration should be such that it is fruitful to all concerned.


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