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A significant population of India resides in villages. Among the many positives and negatives, a major cause of problems villagers are plagued by centers around health-related issues. Women, in particular, have been observed to suffer from various diseases, many a times a result of inadequate nutritional support. As education has still not made significant inroads in villages, many of the issues stem out of ignorance and negligence to a larger extent and lack of medical facilities or its affordability to a lesser one. We aim at reducing both. For this, we require genuine and effective on-field doctors, especially lady doctors, who have to take on the dual responsibility of health education and treatment of patients.


Probable skills required: Expertise in the field of specialization and a thorough knowledge of medicine. Gynecologists are specially required.


Challenges: The doctor(s) have to serve mainly in villages and should, therefore, be prepared to toil in fields, without the comforts of a well-built office. Moreover, the economic conditions of patients we reach out to not being very good, the doctor, while working with the available laboratory tests and the constraints of limited expenditure capacity of patients, has to provide maximum relief with minimal medicines prescribed. In a nutshell, this is going to be a job that makes high level of expertise and willingness to help a must to bring out constructive results. Although demanding, this could be a very satisfying and enriching experience for you.


Duration of requirement: All round the year. But if you are unable to render your services for 12 months at a stretch, we would be happy to have you with us for as long as you can. However, the duration should be such that it is fruitful to all concerned.


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