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We are a team of 20-25 people trained for our specific tasks here, but mostly amateurs when it comes to coordinating and working in a team. Managing the team in an effective manner, thereby handling or resolving inter-personal conflicts, the occurrence of which is almost inevitable in a group, especially when the trying and demanding conditions people work in acts as a catalyst, steering human resource towards effectiveness, controlling the available resources, tracking them and ensuring the optimized utilization of assets to bring out the best individual and collective results is a challenge.


Probable skills required: Management skills. Management education and/or past experience in managing a team might be helpful.


Challenges: Since we are a charitable institution, we have a limited supply of people who work for us, especially the ones we aspire for, people with a certain level of intellectual and moral discipline. We do not live by the market paradigm of profit and loss, because of which keeping human consideration paramount, we have to produce results with limited resources. Most of all limited human resources. Hire and fire, whenever necessary, is not always an option for us. We do not give up on someone if he/she is bad; we aspire to eliminate the badness and yet not retard the project at hand or compromise quality, in the effort. So, while we believe we have worked out procedures which, if followed, can do wonders, our real problem is making people follow them. People who have limited education and, at times, intent have to be inspired to actualize implementation of procedures, by love or firmness or both, and at the same time elevated to becoming better human beings.


Duration of requirement: All round the year. But if you are unable to render your services for 12 months at a stretch, we would be happy to have you with us for as long as you can. However, the duration should be such that it is fruitful to all concerned.


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