Empowering Rural Women (ERW)

Rural Women Empowerment programme  

Rural Women Empowerment programme is running by Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service, Varanasi supported by TATA Trust from 2012. The main work is to organize the rural women to work on the basis of Right-Based point of view and we attend a meeting with downtrodden (Dalit) and ignored women. Firstly we inform and spread awareness about the cause to join the organization, about their problems of particular areas and give a right solution and inspire them to take first step by themselves.

To choose 10 leading women from organization and choose Vanguard from leading women and build their capacity by various activities is the second work. They can work in group on Gram- panchayat level, block level and district level for their rights.

These rights should be demand:

1. Women Rights

2. Right to Work

3. Right to Livelihood

4. Right to Food

5. Right to Information

6. Panchayat-Raj to be bring into force.

The total no. of members in rural women organization should be at least 20. Each group should have 20 members to make organization in whole village. Women Union should have 150 members and three categories will be choose from women union are President, Manager and Secretary.

The main work is to capacity building and give them inspiration so that they can fight for their rights. We are working mainly in Manikpur, Ramnagar Sikari, Patewar, Amoi, Gaura, Nagawan village of Mirzapur and Lohra a village of Sonebhadra

We made groups in each village. Members are uplifting their voice to take the benefits of the policies by government for village, block and district level.

Women of groups from all villages demanded food supplement under ICDS and they struggled to get this. As all women deserved it. Now, they are getting right food supplement in right quantity.

They are fighting for the benefits of Janani Suraksha Yogana, PDS, and MANREGA. There is an incident of a government hospital in Madihan village, in that hospital doctors and staff usually demand money when any pregnant women come to hospital then organized village women fought against it. Now, all villagers are getting whole services and rights. If their voice would ignored then they forced the officers by protest for their rights. Overall, women usually didn’t tell to anyone and afraid for their rights but now, fear, hesitation has gone away.

They are always fighting for Aawas Yogana, Vriddha Pension, Vikalng Pension, and Toilets for village. The organization is running on the principle of strength in unity and getting holistic development.

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