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Our Needs

1. Hospital Bed Endowment :

· Full bed endowment : Rs. 7,00,000

· Partial endowment : Rs. 50,000 and multiple thereof


2. Old Age Home Endowment :

· Full endowment: Rs. 5,50,000

· Partial endowment : Rs. 10,000 and multiple thereof


3. Rural Health Service Endowment:

We have estimated a total expenditure including medicines and other overheads at Rs. 4 Lakhs per annum.Endowment required Rs. 25 Lakhs.


4. Donations are invited also for the following other activities run by this institution : · Help to destitute widows

· Maintenance of old and retired monks

· Special Medicine Fund for poor and needy

· Hospital Development Fund · Sadhu Seva Fund

· Educational Fund for financial help meritorious, poor, and needy students and      non-formal coaching class.


1. Fund for defraying the administrative and other general expenses of the Sevashrama.

2. Mobile Medical Unit (for Rural Health Service) : Rs. 20 Lakhs.

3. To build up a sizeable fund for treatment of poor T. B. Patients.

Donors my please note that all donations to the Ramakrishna Mission of Service, Varanasi, are exempt from Income-Tax under Section 80 G of the Income-Tax Act, 1961.

Contributions, large or small, in cash and/or in kind, will be thankfully received and acknowledged. Cheques/Drafts are to be drawn in favour of RAMAKRISHNA MISSION HOME OF SERVICE, PAYABLE AT VARANASI.

About Us

A vibrant India where all children, women and men have an opportunity to live healthy, informed and disease-free lives, thereby realizing their innate potential to the full.

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