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1) Managing Team

2) Secretarial Assistance

3) On-field Doctors

4) Sketch Artist Animators

5) Vehicle Expert

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Working with Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service

While working at Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service, all of us abide by certain rules, and we hope, you as volunteers, would also respect the following:

1) Dedication to work: We are a charitable organization and service to the unprivileged socioeconomic class forms the essence of all our activities. We expect this goal to be your highest priority as well, by serving us to the best of your capability and keeping the greater picture of service to mankind as the driving factor for all your commitments and contributions.

2) Abstinence from addiction: While in the Ashram premises or elsewhere which includes your workplace and extended workplace, or while in the company of any person related to Mission, we expect you to refrain from smoking, consuming alcohol or any other psychoactive drug.

3) Dress: Although we do not prescribe any dress code and you are free to wear formals or in-formals, as appeals your taste, we do expect you to regard the local culture while making your choice. For example, your co-workers might find wearing mini-skirts offensive. Traditional wear here for men, includes, trousers or jeans with shirt or t-shirt, kurta-chooridar etc.; and for women, includes, salwar-kameez, saree, trousers and kurti etc.. This list is not exhaustive and you can choose other wears with just one consideration: that it is acceptable in the local culture.

4) Lodging: You have to bear the financial cost for your stay here. We would suggest you suitable boarding places according to your requirements in terms of facilities and cost, but we, being a charitable institution whose efforts require a lot of monetary obligations, would appreciate your funding your stay here.

5) Meals: All volunteers are welcome to eat all meals with us at the Ashram premises. However, we would not be able to entertain specific demands and local preparations, which everybody at Mission eats, would be served. In addition, there is a strict time table for meals which would be informed to you upon your arrival and which you are required to observe at all times. It would be our pleasure to have your company during meals.

6) Conveyance: We would receive you at the Varanasi airport or railway station, upon your arrival to Varanasi. For all subsequent work-related travels, for example field visits etc, conveyance would be arranged by us.

Weather in Varanasi  

Varanasi experiences a humid subtropical climate with large variations between summer and winter temperatures. The summers are long (March end to mid-August) and very hot specially in May-June with average temperature for the month going around 39-40 degrees Centigrade, rising to a maximum of around 47-48 degree Centigrade. Working in fields during this time requires a lot of stamina. Monsoons start from June-end and continue till September-beginning, and during this time rains can be expected anytime of the day. Weather gets pleasant in the periods mid-September to November-end and February-mid to March-end. Winters in Varanasi see very large diurnal variations, with warm days and cold nights, temperatures, sometimes, getting as low as 3 degree Centigrade, and last around four months;from November-start to February-end. Fog is common in the winters, while hot dry winds, called loo, blow in the summer afternoons. Proper care and precautions are often required to work in these conditions.

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