Our Achievements

Multimedia Health Education Products :


-Hygiene & Sanitation


-Child Health 1

-Child Health 2

-Child Health 3




-Tobacco Use Prevention

-Acute Respiratory Infection

-Womens Health 1

-Womens Health 2

-Dental Care

Mass interactive and multimedia health education with the help of 14 half-hour multimedia health education products on above mentioned topics (with extensive follow up) to over 300,000 students from schools & colleges, villagers & slum-dwellers.

Health Education Workshops :


-Hygiene & Sanitation


-Nutrition Garden

-HULLO ABC Communication

-STOP Bullying

-Working in Small Groups

-Health Promotion through Schools

-School Health Team Training

11,000 Participants in 286 workshops of 10 Participatory Transformative Health Education Workshop products: [ Designed and Developed In-House ] Conducted in schools of 3 socio-economic grades.

Printed Health Education Product Development:

Health Promotion Manual in Hindi and English, Booklets on Nutrition, Child Health, Women's Health and Tobacco Use Prevention, Summary Sheets on all the 9 above mentioned topics posters, pamphlets, cards and health education kits on different topics to aid effective dissemination.

Health Service :
A weekly Mother & Child Health (MCH) and Primary Health Care service delivery to over 54,000 slum-dwellers along with regular Community Health Services.

Primary Health Services to 70,000 villagers in 13 blocks of Mirzapur district through a network of 100 Community Health Workers & Trained Birth Attendants trained by us along with Mobile Medical Services.

Training :

Trained 40 TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants) and more than 75 CHWs (Community Healthcare Workers) of Varanasi and Mirzapur districts. [ Health Educator training and research on ongoing basis ]

Research and Evaluation : 

Formative and Outcome Evaluation and Research carried out for all aspects of the program.

Healthy Environment :

i) Physical Environment

ii) Child-Friendly School

ii) Smoke-Free Kashi (Varanasi)

About Us

A vibrant India where all children, women and men have an opportunity to live healthy, informed and disease-free lives, thereby realizing their innate potential to the full.

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