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Have Faith in Man

“Have Faith in Man, whether he appears to you to be a very learned one or a most ignorant one. Have Faith in Man, whether he appears to you to be an angel or the very devil himself. Have faith in man first,and then having faith in him, believe that if there are defect in him, if he makes mistake, if he embraces the crudest and the vilest doctrines, believe that it is not from his real nature that they come, but from the want of higher ideas. If a man goes towards what is false, it is because he cannot get what is true. Therefore the only method of correcting what is false is by supplying him with what is true. Do this, and let him compare. You give him the truth, and there your work is done. Let him compare it in his own mind with what he has already in him, and mark my word, if you have really give him the truth, the false must vanish, light must dispel darkness, and the truth will bring the good out.

This is the way you want to reform the country spiritually, this is the way, and not fightning, not evev telling people that what they are doing is bad. Put the good before them, see how eagerly they take it, see how the divine that never dies that is always living in the human, comes up awakened and stretched out its hand for all that is good, and all that is glorious.”

Swami Vivekananda..

Health Promotion Programme

Health Promotion is a combination of Educational,Organizational,Economic,Social and Political action designed with Meaningful Participation,to enable individuals,groups and whole communities to increase control over and to improve their Health through Attitudinal,Behavioural,Social and Environmental Changes.

Health Education

Starting in our Centenary Year, the Home of Service initiated a Pioneering Multimedia Health Education Program with a vision of reaching the youth and the vast masses under-served by health services.

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Health Service

Our aim is to provide primary health care services to all with special emphasis on maternal and child health care through mobile medical van and team consisting doctor, lady doctor, community health workers, pharmacists with all essential medicines.

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Healthy Environment

It encompasses the assessment and control of those environmental factors that can potentially affect health. It is targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments.

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A vibrant India where all children, women and men have an opportunity to live healthy, informed and disease-free lives, thereby realizing their innate potential to the full.

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